Saturday, January 15, 2011

Clinical Data Management

The topic on 14th January 2011 was about Clinical Data Management and the role of Biostatistician. Coming into the training without having at least brief information about what would be lectured can cause me to be lost in the middle and hard to catch up with the pace. The night before the session, I browsed through the net to get some ideas about what is it all about as I did not find any lecture notes about it in the module file. There was only a lecture note for Biostatistician. Luckily, I found a workshop notes which were prepared by the trainer (Ms Teo Jau Shya) from the official site of clinical research centre (CRC) Malaysia and read it out.
            Ms. Jau Sya is a certified data manager in Malaysia and she gave the lecture base on her experience in the field. A lot of things we learnt from her especially the job scope of data manager, challenges and satisfactions. Becoming a data manager could also gave us a good salary. The visual aids that she used were very interesting and related to the topic. She was also like the other trainers, emphasized on good communication skills especially when dealing with busy doctors to get the data that we wanted.  Besides,  patience and determination were also required.She said we were lucky to be in this program as it gave us in depth exposure about the current situation in the Malaysia’s biotechnology industry. The session in the evening was given by a biostatistician from Stats Consulting Sdn. Bhd. Her brief lecture finished earlier that day as she knew everyone was eager to go back home for weekend. I stop my post here. Have a great weekend!

-Ancora Imparo-

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  1. I like the topic very much and i also like the speaker. Just like what you've said she gave a clear information about her job. In fact, I wish I could be in her position even though the job is difficult and challenging...besides, I just love to travel everywhere on the earth...may be someday I could do that...insyaAllah