Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's so meaningful.

The creativity and innovation training sessions (on 3rd and 4th January 2011) were continued with the introduction to “Economics product design” and “problem solving method” by applying the creative thinking approach. In the “Economics product design” session, we were explained about value analysis. The analysis is important to be done in order to improve the product and satisfy the customer more economically. Two main goals are to reduce the cost and increase the value of the product. There are four value factors which are aesthetic, ergonomic, technical and economic factors. Each group had to identify and analyzed the value factors of their product. There is a specific tool to analyse the value of the product which is by constructing a strategic canvas. It is to compare our product with the competitors.
            The most interesting part was when we were asked to cook “Nasi Baryani” and bake some bread. Professor Barjoyai brought all the ingredients for the cooking session and our task was to cook them to make the dishes. I was amazed to know that there is a mobile “bread maker”. Professor said he bought the mobile machine 15 years ago. The Nasi Baryani was easily made by adding all the ingredients in one container and put it in microwave for less than half an hour. We used Brahim’s instant dish pastes, chicken slices, mixed vegetables and of cause, the rice itself. The taste was so great! A plate was not enough. For the bread, we just added the ingredients according to the instructions and chose the type of the bread that we want to bake. The first round took around three hours to complete but the second round on we used an express method and was able to bake the bread within an hour. The taste was delicious especially when eating them with curry sauce.
            During the problem solving session we were asked to paint our own drawing paper with crayons. Firstly, we need to think deeper about the problem that playing in our mind at that time and paint the paper using any colour within half an hour. Professor Barjoyai and his assistant would then interpret our drawings. Actually, this kind of drawing method is known as doodling technique. It is one of the ways to solve problems using our creativity. It is to trigger our subconscious mind to use its ability to solve the problem. Besides, doodling is also enabling us to know ourselves. The pattern of our painting reveals the state of our mind. To know more about myself, I went to meet the professor to ask him about my personality from my painting. His interpretations matched me and also some other values that I did not know I have. He gave several ways to solve my problem with a few suggestions for improvements. From my point of view, this session provided a valuable knowledge that could be utilized in my life and let me understand myself better. Till the next post, take care.

-Ancora Imparo-

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