Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sponsor's Role inClinical research and Snacks~

The session about the Sponsor’s Role on 12th January 2011 was filled with interaction between the trainer and trainees. The trainer was Ms. Adeline Kwok who is the Head of Clinical Operations from Pfizer (M) Sdn. Bhd. Just for our information, Pfizer is a multi-national company (MNC) focusing on healthcare. Ms. Adeline actively kept asking questions to us as she went along her lecture. This had made us alert about the lecture and also helped us to understand the session.  
We also have a quiz session before the afternoon break. All the nine groups were competing with each other to collect as many points as possible because Ms. Adeline would give reward to the winner. In this quiz, each correct answer was rewarded two points while any wrong answer would have one point deduction. My group ( was a little bit left behind at first but we managed to chase the other group in collecting points. Everybody was excited to answer the questions.
Another task was case study presentation. This was also carried marks for each group. The total mark was 15. The mark from this task was added with the collected marks from the previous quiz to determine the overall winner. The winner for the whole session was the Prodigy group while my group was at the third place. So, what is the prize? Actually, all groups obtained a reward from Ms Adeline. She bought us varieties of snacks and the winner got an advantage to choose which snack they want followed by the next group. Everyone was enjoying themselves that day.
There is one thing that in my opinion can be improved which is the lecture notes were given at the end of the session. It would be better off if the lecture notes were provided before or within the lecture session as the trainees and jot down any additional points in the notes according to the particular slides. I understand that the trainer intention was to do the quiz without the trainees referring to the notes but not all people could absorb and comprehend a lot of information within a short time and then convey it out directly when they were asked. Some people need more time to read, digest and understand the information that they received. That is all for now, enjoy the day!

-Ancora Imparo-

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