Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Speak, speak, speak~

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              Today's training (8th December 2010) was very interactive and interesting. We covered about The Art of Public Speaking. The trainer was very energetic & "meriah" as well. He was honest in his comments about the style of public speakers during delivering their speeches which is I liked. The other trainer was also very sincere about her comments. We would not know our mistakes or weaknesses if nobody tells us the truth. The trainer had read the personalities of almost the trainees who attended the session but he did not really touched on mine. It would be better if I could know my personality from the perspective of others especially from an experience professional like him so that I could improve myself. From time to time, I found out that my cold,sweaty palms have gradually decreased their occurrence when I am speaking infront of an audience. Although my group was commented to be too "structured" and had difficulty in voice modulation, I took the feedback as a positive thing for me to meliorate the performance in the future tasks. My public speaking topic for the next session is on "food & technology". Need to specialize more on it. I think this is something I'm interested in especially about the food. Till the next post,  Cheers!

-Ancora Imparo-

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