Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thinking of something extreme.

Ohoooi~! (Wardy, 2009) - Gift-experiences.co.uk

        This morning, I have a chat with "Freedom Wall" about bungy jumping. Hey2, I really want to try it. Why? I just want to challenge myself and fight my fear.  I want to feel the rush of adrenaline in my body. My friend's mom who is not that young, she's 45 this year, had already tried it in New Zealand and this induced my desire to really jump down from the platform. I heard that Sunway Lagoon extreme park had came out with a bungy jumping attraction. Yes, this is where I should go!.This add up the G Force X play there. Ok, about the price, the sales executive had emailed me stating that the packaged price for G Force X + bungy jumping is RM95 for MyCard holders only.  I think it can be considered as affordable. But, we will also need to pay for the entrance fees which is RM 60. Again, for MyCard holders only. Hence a total of RM155 I must put aside for my wants. I'll consider that.
The G Force X capsule - sunwaylagoonrocks.blogspot.com
         I was told that the height is not challenging enough compared to the AJ Hackett's bungy jumping facilities in New Zealand. I think that's fine for a beginner like me. How about the risk? So far, I have not hear any accident occurs in Malaysia. Since AJ Hackett's team is the one that manages and maintains both extreme plays in Sunway Lagoon, I believe the level of safety is high. I am determine to try them. Freedom Wall, let's go dude! I finish here for awhile. Take care!

-Ancora Imparo-


  1. This morning, I have a chat with "Freedom Wall"

    aku suke part ni je...after tu aku x bace dah..HAHA

  2. hehe. Hek'eley Lep. Hey2, Melompat jom!

  3. dude...aku pon teringin bungy jumping jgk tp aku agak takot2 musang disitu..=P

  4. Cik Bucken: owh, let's fight our fear. hehe. Aku ni baru nk try ni. Actually, Freedom Wall & aku dh lame nk try. Tp, kekangan mase & kewangan membataskn niat kami. ahai!