Friday, December 31, 2010

Finale Presentation~

            The Final presentation was held on Tuesday, 28th December 2010. There were nine groups presented on that day. One of the group that make the presentation was FuturaTech Company. Their main product is about composting. The presentation was very informative mainly about how the composting process occurred and its advantages. The next group was "XX power" Company. They proposed to produce a type of diaper made from pineapple spike fibers. It was quite weird to hear it at first but their explanations have clarified us about their product. The BioSelf company had came out with the biodegradable plastic made from chicken feather. This initiative will help to reduce the amount of waste from poultry houses.
            The presentation session was continued after lunch starting with the McBio Supreme Company. Their style was more like a corporate presentation. Each one of them had a higher rank title like "Datuk Seri", "Dato' Dr." and "Datin". The product is about biofertilizers which is made from household wastes such as rotten vegetables, fruits and food wastage. It was then followed by The Prodigy Company. that proposed to produce a halal gelatin. Since gelatin could only be obtained from animal, they focus on how the gel  is produced according to the Halal standard. After 40 minutes, the Company which did their presentation. The product was named Phyto-Mix Yogurt; a yogurt that contained an anti-diabetic bioactive compounds obtained from mangosteen and three other herbs. The marketing strategies were extensive and some areas need to be improved especially about the target locations.
            Three other groups resumed with their presentations after a quick break. The SuperSynergy Company has came out with a biodegradable plastics from organic wastes. They claimed that this product would be easily degraded compared to biodegradable plastics from petroleum. It seems like this company has to compete with Bioself Company. Nevertheless, each product has its own strengths. The Pecah Mental Sdn. Bhd had proposed biofuel as a substitute for petroleum for their business proposal. The last group was Chimera Solutions Company. They started with a video presentation to introduce their brand "Chimera Solutions" and several products that they would produced. It is a halal based materials.
             The session was ended with Madam Norliza gave overall comments about how everyone had performed and progressed. She announced that Yasin is the most progressive trainees. He has changed a lot since the first day he joined the programme. Hopefully, this will inspire others to improve themselves and achieve their personal growth. A thing one has to remember; " When there is a will, there is a way". Till the next post, have a good day!

-Ancora Imparo-

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