Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Neuro-Linguistic Programming session

Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic are three basic elements in NLP (www.martinfrost.ws)
On Monday, 27th December 2010, the training was about Neuro-Linguistic Programming session (NLP). I have come across this term before when I browsed through the list of books in one of the major bookstore in Kuala Lumpur. I did not buy the book but I read the overview on the first page. It analyzed how Tun Dr. Mahathir led Malaysia in his 22 years of becoming the prime minister of Malaysia through Neuro-linguistic techniques. 
Here, in BeST programme, we were taught about it without having to buy the book. Besides, the notes were also provided. Mr. Faizal Kamal who was the trainer for this session was very positive and friendly. It’s quite interesting with a lot of movements. We were asked to yell our cheers for several times as he saw the “low” energy level we produced that morning. This is called “break the state” phase. It is to suppress the low spirit from increasing. I was  volunteering myself and actively participated in this session. 
Several techniques were learnt on how to overcome our fear, low self-esteem and increased our confidence. One of the techniques which is good to practice is how to breathe properly. The right way is by inhaling the air through our nose and exhaling via mouth. We can noticed that our inhaling technique is correct when our stomach expanded a little bit infront.This can calm us if we're surrounded by nervousness. Since I am sitting in the front row, I was invited several times to do some demonstrations.  From this session, I gained a new value that I really wanted to have.
Another method to increase our strong, positive spirit was also taught. This method was demostrated by the cheerful and cute trainee who is Nazrin also known as "Yin". Three words were used which are "ASSESS, AMPLIFY, ANCHOR!". These words were said with three different movements. Yin  kept repeating this method until now especially when he saw us in down. Anyway, he is enlightened our day. All in all, this session has opened up my mind to understand the Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I found it to be beneficial for me to improve myself.

-Ancora Imparo-

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