Sunday, December 5, 2010

You deserve it.

            I just arrived from following my cousin who is older then me, to KLCC. He wanted to get a suit for his meeting and presentation tomorrow (6th December 2010). On the way there, he told me about his job. He said he was too busy. He was becoming a workaholic person. Even today (Sunday) his boss asked him to come to the office for meeting. He was so stress. Too much of politics in his company made him annoyed but he was determined with his job. He said to me starting from next year, he'll be changing his office to the same area where I am currently having my training. 
            His boss gave him a new project for him to handle. I'm happy for him. One thing that prevented him from quitting his job is because he finally being offered a 5 figured salary after almost 15 years of working. He said, at first he wanted to quit but his boss persuaded him not to do so. The boss even willing to pay RM13000 for my cousin's down payment of Mazda3 that he really wanted to buy. Wow,what a lucky guy he is!. I bet my cousin is really an excellent employee. How I wish I can be like him. I mean, I want to be an excellent employee like him. Is honoured by his boss and colleagues and always gives the best performance. Anyway, he deserved it. I think he own everything he wants. He has a job with a good pay, a car, a house and likable. What he doesn't has is a wife. Maybe, he should find a soulmate & set it as his goal for 2011. That's all for now, Bubbye!

 -Ancora Imparo-


  1. daus..i want to be his wife la mcm tu.hahaha.gilaa syok.

  2. ah nabila..mcm la dia nak dgn kau..hahah...bro, can you introduce me to him?boleh buat bisnes partner nih..haha

  3. AhaaA~ He is opened for anyone to have a business partnership with him. But not sure what kind of businesses he preferred.