Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm back!

          After a long period of hibernation from writing, I'm continuing to write a post back. Well, I'll review back what I've done and obtained for the past 8 days in my training sessions.  Ok, Tuesday and Wednesday (14th & 15th December 2010), the session was about Powerful Presentation skills which was trained by En. Abdullah Yunos and his assistant. A lot of knowledge was gained and understood. On the first day, we were asked to form a new group consisting between 9 to 11 people each. Again, I was the only male in the group surrounded by 10 females trainees. The tasks were very interactive (it's a communication module anyway).  
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           The first practical assignment was to speak with a passive object like a book, chair, table etc. I chose a tumbler as my partner and I was talking about "My Family" to it. After 10 minutes, we were asked to get a partner and tell his/her the same story. This was to increase the confidence level to speak up. My partner was Aien and she was a good person to talk to.She was very supportive. The last task was topic presentation. Each group came out with different topic and ours was "sex education". It was an interesting topic but must be careful when explaining it. I'm the last speaker but I was unable to present as the trainer asked us to stop due to we exceeded the time. I'm a bit disappointed as I've already made some preparation but I felt released as well. huhi. 
              On 16th December 2010, we were trained on how to communicate as a leader. The proper ways to give instructions to subordinates and how to handle them in different situations were taught and discussed. We were asked to choose a leader in any field and searched about their way of communication mainly in giving orders and motivate their workers. My group preferred Donald Trumps as our model and the characteristics such as confidence, thing big, continuous learning and courageous were explained. The second assignment was to analyze a case study about problems that occurred in an organization due to lack of communication skills by its leader. I was the one who presented our group's findings. I volunteered myself to do it. Although there were still some improvement needed in some areas during presenting, I could feel that the level of  my confidence had increased. The comments from Prof. Syed Omar was encouraging as well. 
            The topic on Friday (17th December 2010) was really caught my intention. Why? It's a grooming time! Actually most of the session was theory only but there was demonstration on wearing tudung for ladies only and table etiquette.I learnt many things about men's formal/office attires especially on how to match the shirts with ties and trousers. For the trainees who were once attended matriculation program, they already taught of these grooming components in their "Dinamika kendiri" subject. I did learnt about it when I was in the program but only a few things because I was there for only three months. Madam Leilanie who was the trainer on that day emphasized on hygiene lifestyle and I'm totally agree with her.When she showed us the video on how to shave men's beard properly, the only person that I'm thinking of was "Freedom Wall". His wolverine-style beard needed some altering cause it's almost covering his face. They're lucky to know these earlier.
            I spent my time on weekend to do some preparations for two important sessions which were mock interview and public speaking. On Saturday (18th December 2010) I went to my previous university with the purpose to get information there but unfortunately it was closed. I was let down again. To cure my broken heart, I went to Freedom Wall's rent house in Subang Jaya and we did our works there. At first, I wanted to choose "edible vaccines" as my title for public speaking but I changed it to "Space food technology" as I found it more interesting and easier to understand for me and my audience. I also readied several questions and answers for the mock interview. The mock interview was held on Monday, 20th December 2010. I was interviewed by En. Ab. Faruk which was seemed to be a strict gentleman. The interview  was last for only 5 minutes and his comments on me were really helping me to improve my performance in interviews. 
             Now it comes to the public speaking day (21th December 2010). The night before I couldn't really sleep well. I suddenly woke up at 4.00 a.m and unable to sleep back. So, what did I do to fill the time? I practiced my public speaking. I was the fifth speaker out of 71 persons.I did as how I've practiced before and everything went quite well. I exceeded the time a bit but it was acceptable. Then I came to the comments and evaluations session. En. Hisham gave feedback that mine was good but with too many emphasizement on points. I'll work on it to improve the weakness. For me, there were a lot of excellent speakers in this BeST programme which I can learn from them. Their confidence and ability to interact with audience caught my interest. 
          The session on 22nd December 2010 was about polishing our business proposal works and progressions. My group stayed with our product which is Phyto-mix yogurt. This was an information searching period. Today (23rd December 2010) the public speaking session was continued with 12 remaining speakers to give their speech. After all of them were finished, En. Hisham announced the 15 speakers which were selected as the best speakers.After that we continued with negotiation skills. The task was interesting as we were asked to act according to the given situation of negotiation. There were many trainees that have talent in acting. That are all for this time, spread loves!

-Ancora Imparo-

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